Five Considerations When Choosing Security Bollards

Bollards play a vital role in security and public safety. However, there are a number of different models to choose from. This means that in order to determine which is the best suited to your needs, there are several factors to assess. Here are five of the most important considerations you should think about before making a decision.

Is Your Location a Target for Criminals?

If your location is the target for trespassers or vandals, or the more serious threat of thieves and terrorists, you may wish to think about additional security. There are heavy duty security bollards that can be incorporated into your landscaping or property plan that are not only a  good deterrent but can provide additional protection.

Is Access Required at Certain Times of the Day?

If you need the flexibility to allow you to permit vehicle access at certain times of the day or week, then this will influence your choice of security bollards. Fortunately, there are a number of retractable and removable options that provide excellent security, but also allow authorised vehicles to gain access to pedestrian or restricted areas.

Is it a Prominent Area?

If the location is in view of the general public, your choice of bollards will differ from if you want to protect an out of the way area. While you can expect to pay a little more for more ornate bollards, these are likely to look more in keeping with the aesthetics of your property. However, if the area is remote, appearance is to be far less of a priority.

Are There Weather or Geographical Conditions That May Affect the Bollard?

For example, if you live in an area which receives high levels of snow or rain, then you are likely to require a bollard that offers maximum visibility. Areas with hills, high winds or other weather conditions may cause certain types of bollard to deteriorate and lose functionality. For example, bollards may be vulnerable to abrasion from grit and other debris in high winds. In this scenario, you are likely to need a toughened material that can be treated to withstand these harsh conditions.

Are There Consequences if the Bollard is Ignored?

This question can have a number of answers depending on the type of your location. If there is a risk of serious injury for those who ignore a bollard or others in the area, you may need to consider additional traffic calming measures. For example, while a security bollard may be the final barrier, you may need speed humps to slow vehicles and warn them of a potential hazard ahead.

If you are considering bollards, security measures and other traffic calming measures, you should speak to us. The Image Bollards team can offer guidance on our vast product range to help you determine which solution is best suited to your particular needs.


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