Could Retractable Bollards be the Solution to Your Parking Problems

Many businesses now consider unauthorised parking to be a growing issue and have need of a solution. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of traffic calming and restricting measures including bollards that can offer a resolution for this issue. However, how do you know which method is the most suitable for your property? We will explore this topic further to provide you with the details you need to make an informed decision.

Identify Your Needs:

The first step of determining if retractable bollards could solve your parking problems is to identify your specific needs. Are you looking to stop vehicles parking in unauthorised areas or provide pedestrian protection? Do you still require access to the building for service vehicles, staff parking and deliveries? Each of these scenarios will have a solution that is more well suited to the specific needs. However, retractable or removable bollards do provide the greatest flexibility. They allow you to cordon off areas to prevent unauthorised vehicles, but still retain the possibility of access as and when required.

Retractable or Removable?

Of the vast range of bollards for sale, retractable and removable models tend to be the most popular. As mentioned above, they offer the greatest flexibility, but you may be unsure which is the better option for you. To determine this, you need to understand the differences between these two models. While both operate on the same principle, a removable bollard requires the bollard to be lifted out of the housing and moved elsewhere to allow access. Retractable models have a housing which is mounted below the ground surface that allows the bollard to be lowered, permitting access without creating a trip hazard.

Removable models tend to be cheaper, but this can quickly be dismissed if you face the frustration of needing to move a bollard pole several times a day. If access is seldom required, this is likely to be the more economical option. On the other hand, if you require access frequently, a retractable model is the logical choice.

Manual or Automatic?

Once you have determined that a retractable model is the right choice for your requirements, you face a final decision of whether to choose a manual or automatic option. Again, this comes down to convenience. If access is very frequently required, an automatic bollard removes the need to physically trigger the retraction. This can prove very convenient as staff can simply check if a vehicle is authorised and lower the barrier as from inside the premises as and when required. However, these models tend to be far more costly, so you will also need to consider your budget.

If you would like to know more about your options of retractable bollard, Perth property owners should contact us. The Image Bollards team would be happy to provide guidance on the bollard model best suited to your needs.



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