Removable Bollards to Make Controlling Traffic Easy

Removable Bollards to Make Controlling Traffic Easy

While permanently placed concrete bollards have some very good uses, they are not always the most practical choice. In fact, for some aspects of traffic control, removable bollards are actually the best option. This type of bollard allows for temporary changes to create better access control.

Reinforcing Road Rules:

In a Utopian society, no one speeds, and having an “Emergency Vehicles Only” sign or a road marked “No Entrance” would be sufficient to keep restricted areas free of unwanted vehicles. In reality, there are always some drivers, who either accidentally or intentionally cause chaos in off limits areas. This can cause delays and problems for emergency or maintenance vehicles. There is nothing more frustrating than these vehicles being stuck behind an illegally parked vehicle or someone driving at ten kph while they figure out where they can make a U turn. With removable bollards, Perth property owners can reinforce the road rules where and when they need it. They can allow you to prevent access by unauthorised vehicles without restricting access completely.

Traffic Control When You Need It:

Whether you need to control vehicle access to certain areas seasonally or every day removable or retractable bollards can provide the answer. This type of bollard is easy to move, which means that you can prevent vehicle access, but allow it for authorised vehicles when you need it. For example, you may not want vehicles driving onto your property when you have forklift trucks and other heavy machinery operating in the yard. However, if you are expecting a delivery or there is some kind of emergency on site, you can remove the bollard to allow access.

You can also use retractable or removable bollards to control traffic flow around your property. For example, if you have delivery slots for vans to collect goods at certain despatch times, you may want to close off areas to additional traffic.

Avoid Parking Issues:

If your business premises are located in a busy area, you may find that shoppers and other visitors sneak onto your carpark and occupy valuable parking slots. This can be remarkably frustrating, particularly if you have team members who have flexible working hours. However, you can use removable or retractable bollards on each space to ensure that there are no unauthorised visitors in your carpark. Alternatively, if your team has set working hours, you could use a removable bollard at the carpark entrance as soon as everyone has arrived to completely restrict access.

Removable bollards offer high visibility, and while they may not withstand a high impact collision, they can be an excellent method of controlling traffic and ensuring pedestrian and vehicle safety on your property.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of installing a removable bollard, Perth property owners should speak to us. We are an established removable steel bollard supplier with a range of retractable and removable bollards. The Image Bollards team is also available to answer any queries you may have about any of the items in our product range.


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